Somma TV

Oracle Digital Assistant
With Oracle Digital Assistant, you integrate activities, cross data, and gain real-time insights with the help of a voice assistant.
Engagement Cloud
Sign in to Engagement Cloud and log in with the overview of some top KPIs and allow you to drill down into more detailed dashboards and dashboards to gain insight into your sales actions. Watch it!
How does Blockchain work?
This video explains in a simple way what blockchain is and why it is so innovative.
Fusion Mobile Expenses
Simplify, Collaborate, Control and Accelerate the reimbursement process in your company.
Journal Entry Via Spreadsheet
Standardize and streamline the creation of journal entries for the accounting module using a simple Excel spreadsheet.
Using GL infolets
Direct your team's focus and energy to critical activities by using the Oracle Dashboards.
Potentialize savings, leverage the best practices in hiring, and reduce time and effort in negotiation with the automation of your purchasing process.
Let your employees make their own purchases with an easy and intuitive tool.
Accounts payable - Creating invoice via scanner
Eliminate bureaucratic activities without added value through the automation of invoice entries via scanner.