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Supply Chain Management
With Oracle SCM, companies can build and operate several value classes for profitable growth. Oracle E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management (R12) integrates and automates all key supply chain processes from design, planning, and procurement to manufacturing, providing a complete set of solutions that enable companies powerful supply chains driven by information. Companies can anticipate market requirements and risks, adapt and innovate to meet the conditions of a volatile market, and align operations across global networks. A unified data model provides a single, accurate view of the entire supply chain. Companies can implement trends, demands driven by principles and manage their complex growths. And when Oracle Supply Chain Management runs on Oracle technology, you can hasten implementation, optimize performance, simplify support, and maximize ROI.

Manufacturing companies of all sizes and all industrial areas rely on their own production operations to deliver their goods. With Oracle Manufacturing, companies can get benefits through improvements in all their R&D production cycles, work process design focused on cost and quality management. Flexible production can be achieved through a mix of discrete modes of traditional manufacturing, processes, service order management (ETO/CTO), and manufacturing conditions based on projects.

Oracle Financials
Oracle E-Business Suite allows you to run your business operations centrally in order to enable greater consistency and global visibility. For example, Oracle Financials (an Oracle E-Business Suite module), a common accounting tool that allows you to standardize your accounting policies, document them in a user-defined rules format, and distribute them throughout the company - to better fit them in the same set of rules. The International Tax System included in Oracle E-Business Suite provides the same level of control with a centralized structure to maintain tax and rate rules, ensuring their consistent use.

Automated purchase system that keeps you in Control. “Provisioning management is essential to profitability, creating effective strategic asset purchase systems. But to keep your money safe every year, these systems must effectively handle purchasing needs and adapt to changes in business requirements. This is exactly what Oracle Purchasing does.”